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Can astrology predict my career?
With the assistance of astrology, an astrologer can predict the profession that a replacement born would choose. Career Astrology also can tell the character of the Person in terms of profession and studies. Saturn in Gemini indicates a wise and initiate.

Can we modify our astrology?
The effects of fixed fate cannot be changed through astrological measures, and are thus, destined to happen. Just in case of such fates, the astrologer can only predict when the warmth will hit you hard, he cannot change or prevent your sufferings. Only God can assist you.

Can astrology predict my death?
Death is an uncommon thing in astrology, which is very difficult to known. Supported the earth position, Dasha, and Sub-Dasha period, one can tell that death may occur. In astrology, there is no short cut because of predict someone’s death. Several factors and combinations would end in death.

Can marriage change your fate?
By definition, it cannot be changed. Getting married would be a neighbourhood of your destiny, instead of having any effect thereon. If instead you mean that marriage changes the direction that your life takes, then maybe.

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