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Please read these terms of use carefully before you begin to use the location. By using our site, you indicate that you simply accept these terms of use that you comply with abide by them. If you are doing not comply with these terms of use, please refrain from using our site.

Since the content of this internet site is originally developed by us and not copied from the other internet sites, texts or other sources, we hold all the rights on the content of this site. Hence, we permit anybody to use the content of this internet site for his or her personal purposes and not for any business or commercial activities. The content of this internet site should not be stored in any form or distributed.

By using this service, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions.
• If you already dial the caller without the consultant being online; this is often a voluntary choice of the caller and also falls under No: 3
• There is not any reimbursement or repayment of any fees.
• You need to buy the calls. The similar rate is listed beside the phone numbers.
• People younger than 16 are excluded from the utilization of this service!
• A consultation or advice given during a call by a consultant is entirely without obligation
• is not liable for any consultations or personal coaching between consultants and customers
• is not a sequence, not an organisation, nor a client, but a service and a network for consultants!
• cannot be held responsible for consultations, advice given by advisers or consultants!
• Consultants who you will call are not employed by us! Consultants are all performing on an independent basis for our line!

Famous Astrology Centre ( World Famous Astrologers) is not responsible for any payments, results, services are provided by Particular Astrologers based on their knowledge.

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