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All the knowledge provided by Astrologer is for the advantages and betterment of the viewers and readers but Astrologer assumes no responsibility regarding the mishandling of the knowledge that you derive from the numerous sources like website, telephone, email, personal interaction or the other source.

Guruji isn’t responsible for any decisions, which you create on your comprehensive power of the teachings , readings, advices, and other lessons received from Guruji. The knowledge delivered by him is supposed for entertainment purposes and not for replacing professional advices within the different sectors like health, religion, finance. Guruji by no means are going to be responsible if any emotional distress and private misfortune occur to you by taking note of the teachings delivered by or through Guruji.

In the same manner, Guruji gives no guarantees or make no promises regarding your future success and earnings or that you simply will surely be benefited financially or emotionally by availing our services. Your responsibilities are in your own hands and Guruji isn’t responsible for any decisions and conclusions you create by choosing the services of Guruji. All the fees paid by mastercard , cash and cheque or by the other means in lieu of the services are non- refundable in any circumstance. All the above stated stipulations aren’t intended to limit or limit your legal statutory rights which may be fully exercised if death or injury occurs to you.

There are not any guarantees that each person using this program will reunite with their loved ones. Relationships depend upon many factors like emotional dynamics, compatibility and mutual affection between a couples. Also, the efforts to rekindle the connection also make tons of difference. Counting on these factors, the results would vary from one couple to a different.

Famous Astrology Centre ( World Famous Astrologers) is not responsible for any payments, results, services are provided by Particular Astrologers based on their knowledge.

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All the information provided by Particular Astrologers is for the benefits and betterment of the viewers and readers. The Astrology Consultation and Services Provided by Astrologers is purely based on his knowledge of astrology and the serverity of your sitution.