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Which planet is liable for bad luck?
According to Astrology, the planets is liable for bad luck are Saturn and Mars

Which home is good for Shani?
Saturn is taken into account good and bad for Shani Sun, Moon and Mars are its enemies, Venus, Mercury, Rahu are friends, and Jupiter and Ketu are neutral there to. Saturn gets exalted in seventh house and therefore the first home is the house of its debilitation.

Which planet is sweet in first House?
It is always the last word goal of the earth. Within the first house of self-expression, Venus makes physical beauty a crucial facet of the person’s life. This person is well dressed and groomed.

Which planet is sweet for business?
Moon is that the most vital Planet for Business. Moon not only indicate mental strength but it is also an element for Wealth. During a horoscope of Businessman, strong moon is required because Strong mental strength is required to run a Business successfully.

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