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Which planet is liable for court cases?
Rahu may be a planet to cause harm whenever there is litigation. Ketu and lawsuits in Birth Chart and it makes the native lose money via funding or any fine within the court case, which matters.

Which planet helps in court case?
Planets liable for lawsuits are Saturn and lawsuits In Vedic Astrology are delays lawsuits and creates misunderstands between parties.

What about twins? They are born on same day, location and almost an equivalent time?
Because twins are born at an equivalent day and time, their horoscopes would be same. Thus, the influence of planets and stars are going to be same on them. However, there would be difference within the quantity of the influence received by each of the twins. The individual capacity of receiving the cosmic energy varies from person to person counting on other factors like their actions within the previous birth and their exposure to present social conditions.

Why is astrology so popular?
A growing number of individuals, particularly millennial women, are turning to astrology to assist them judge relationship compatibility, understand friendship dynamics and make life decisions. So astrology becoming popular in easy way.

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