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How are you able to prove that planets influence us?
Your body consists of 75% water even as the ocean is. The ocean is influenced by the moon, which causes high tides. If the moon can affect such an outsized body of water then we cannot ignore the moons alongside other celestial bodies’ power on us. We call that force gravity. Yet, we cannot see it. An equivalent truth applies when magnetic forces bombard our bodies’ atoms and influence our thinking and actions.

Vedic astrology is it a religion?
Not. Neither is it a philosophy. Vedic science may be a science.

How can astrology help me?
It educates you about your present, and prepares you for the longer term. You learn when and the way to require advantage of the auspicious opportunities that come your way; and you find out how to attenuate the impact of the less fortunate cycles.

Which planet is liable for lottery?
Jupiter and Venus are planet is liable for lottery. Jupiter and Venus in good check in any of those houses can win lottery. That planet who rule (first, fifth, and ninth house) and if they are in good dignity can give wealth during their period.

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