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My friend which i are the same Sun Sign, why are we so different?
When preparing a personalised chart the position of the all the planets are utilized in determining the psychological makeup of a personal, alongside the Sun. The individual planets move at different speeds and may be at various parts of the zodiac backdrop as time moves on. Therefore, albeit two people are born on an equivalent date with the Sun within the same position, the other planets will not be within an equivalent position. This is often important because the position of these other planets will change the interpretation of the birth chart also because the personalised forecasts.

Why are interpretations by various astrologers so different for an equivalent forecast period?
Just like anybody that you simply seek advice from, astrologers have different opinions and ways of interpreting the symbolism represented by the planets. The astrologer’s training, life experience, and specialisation will all have an impact on the way interpretations are given. I feel that it is important to hunt out an astrologer that you simply feel rapport with because the more open you are, the more you will gain from a personalised forecast.

What may be a ‘house’ in astrology?
A birth chart looks a touch sort of a pie dig 12 slices. Each of those ‘slices’ is named a ‘house’ and may represent various aspects of your life and psychological makeup (depending on the sort of interpretation being applied to it). For instance, a number of the interpretations, which will be applied to your second house, include earning capacity, self-esteem, values, possessions, ‘what I own is what I am, and/or your ability to handle finances.

Can you tell someone’s personality by his or her face?
He says countenance can reveal personality traits because they reflect both aspects that folks are born with (nature), and aspects that they develop throughout their lives (nurture). The ratio of facial length to width is employed to work out natural confidence levels.

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