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Can I Realize Astrology?

Astrology is probably the foremost ancient arcane system of cosmic wisdom that links all life, creation, the universe and man.
Astronomy and astrology are intertwined. Call them the dual sisters acknowledged by our ancient ancestors. Astronomy provides the inspiration and structure from which astrology springs.
There is a jury once we attempt to define astrology. Many say it is an art of divination. Others insist that it is only pure science. Therefore, the controversy goes on unresolved without offering a definitive answer.
Astrology is predicated on observation and correlation both during a scientific and divinatory manner. The ancients watched the sky, observing the movements of planets and other heavenly objects, recorded them and were then ready to make quite accurate predictions on their future appearances. That is science at work.
They also began to watch when specific heavenly orbs in certain positions would correspond to changes in weather or events in their lives.
So during a nutshell, astrology is that the oldest system of a universal wisdom for self-knowledge and awareness as divination using phenomenon

When Was Astrology Developed?

Astrology has been often been mentioned because the Golden Science, the Mother of all Divination.
Many archeologists have found evidence of its origins as far back as 3000 BC within the Fertile Crescent � the cradle of civilization of Mesopotamia, today’s modern-day Iraq, within the city.
Both the Egyptians and therefore the Babylonians are credited with its conception for Western culture, though it has thought that China and possibly India are the originators of the oldest sort of astrology.
The ancients saw their gods and goddesses within the planets and their journeys across the night time sky. Actually, the astro-archeologists report that it had been the Chaldeans who cast the very first birth charts.
With the increase of the Ptolemy, the recording of Eclipses and other celestial events reached a part somewhere around 650 BCE. Alexander the good conquered Egypt and brought astrology to Greece.
It met with renewed interest and excitement during the 1800s in Europe from British rule out India, which opened doors of curiosity and consciousness.
A major breakthrough came within the 90’s with spiritual advocates like Madame Blavatsky and Alan Leo breathing new life into astrology, lending it to a more humanistic and private application � that of expanding one’s self-awareness.

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