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Why should I think in astrology?

Astrology helps you on two planes. It helps you to make a decision whom to trust and whom to not. It guides you through the proper times to conduct right activities. On spiritual plane, it helps you to know your mission during this life. You will reach the last word goal of self-realization through Astrology. If you are doing not believe Astrology, then you cannot get these benefits of Astrology which believers get.

Is there any scientific proof for astrology?

Before Galileo, scientists will not to say that the world is that the centre of the universe and therefore the Sun and other stars are revolving around the earth. After Galileo, an equivalent scientists said that the Sun is that the centre of our system and therefore the earth and other planets are revolving around the Sun. the purpose is science is at infant state. It should grow to know Astrology that may be a super science.

If astrology is, so great, then why some predictions go false?

Astrology deals with the behaviour of the citizenry and therefore the results of his actions. Since the lifetime of a person’s being is extremely complex, decoding and understanding the influence of planets and stars is additionally very complex. Astrology provides very accurate picture of a person’s being is life, but only a competent Astrologer can understand and interpret the image correctly. If predictions fail, we cannot blame Astrology. We should always blame the Astrologer.

Why the predictions given by two astrologers on an equivalent event differ? Doesn’t it prove astrology is wrong?

You are asking an issue like this: When two doctors complete an equivalent operation, why one operation is successful and why the opposite one is failing. Doesn’t it prove that the whole life science is wrong.

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