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What is astrology?

In times, it is referred to as pseudoscience because it deals with crystals bodies. With the help of the position of stars and planets at the time of an individual’s birth Famous Astrologer regulates the particular reason of one’s hurdle and solve it. Astrology is not only regarding to sorcery but it is a huge field of comprehension where it consists of all the human pursuits including your past, present and therefore the future.

What is neechbhnga yoga in astrology?

Neecha Bhanga means the cancellation of effect of debilitated or very weak planet during a horoscope. Rather than giving bad results thanks to its debilitated state, such planets give most beneficial results thanks to Neecha Bhanga. The subsequent general conditions apply for Neecha Bhanga: 1. allow us to check out the sign, which has been occupied by the debilitated planet. 3. If the ruler planet of the sign occupied by the debilitated planet has the aspect of an equivalent. 4. If the debilitated planet is found in exalted state within the Navamsha Chart.

What are dusht sthana in horoscope?

Sixth house, eighth house and twelfth houses are considered Dusht Sthana during a horoscope.

What is role of lord of dusht sthana?

Generally, the homes, which have, reference to the lord of those houses give unfavourable results. These also reduce the results of the homes, the lord of which are posited in these houses.

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