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Asthma: – how pre-dicted from a horoscope?

Human life is usually a struggle with the unforeseen. It has filled with pleasures and pains. Many a times, a disease causes pain. Science of medical astrology, if properly utilized, can show the simplest way to handle human life’s uncertainties. It is the capacity to pre-dict beforehand on when a specific disease would occur, what would be its nature and outcome. An analytical study of a horoscope comprising signs, houses, planets, divisional charts, dashas and therefore the transits, helps an expert astrologer to diagnose beforehand the likelihood about the occurrence of a specific disease within the lifetime of the native, whose horoscope is under his study.

How the disease of ‘asthma’ be assessed from a horoscope?

Asthma, in life science, may be a condition, during which airways narrow, swell, and produce extra mucus. Breathing becomes difficult and it triggers coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. Life science tries to cure it after it has already occurred. However, an Astrologer, with the assistance of science of medical astrology, can forecast the happening of asthmatic conditions well beforehand by looking into a disease prone horoscope. In astrology, asthmatic conditions during a human life are mainly found to be occurring thanks to the affliction of Saturn, moon, the first, third and therefore the fourth houses and watery signs during a particular horoscope.
When an asthmatic patient contacts a doctor, he has told that inhaling of polluted air has weakened his lungs that is liable for his chest infection. There little question that environment and quality of air that we inhale has direct impact on the health. The air that one breathes is managed by system respiratory of one’s body. It is generally said that excessive inhaling of polluted air is like smoking hundred cigarettes.
However, in astrology, the likelihood of the occurrence of asthma is detected beforehand from the study of placement of planets mercury and moon and therefore the third and fourth houses during a horoscope. Gemini is an airy sign. The sign Cancer embodies the lungs and therefore the heart of a private. Thus, the aerial route from Gemini to Cancer becomes the region of asthma and moon and mercury become the key planets. Saturn also plays significant role within the cause and relief from asthma.
EXPERIENCE HAS SHOWN to stay under consideration AND CONSIDER the subsequent BEFORE PREDICTING the character AND OUTCOME OF A DISEASE:-
1. Ascendant Lord when found weak and malefic within the ascendant indicates a body vulnerable to disease.
2. Malefic in Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10 houses) Rahu-Ketu-Saturn-Mars render the Kendra weak and horoscope disease prone.
3. If six, 8 and 12 contain more benefices and malefic in Kendra (1, 4, 7 and 10 houses) and trikon (1, 5, and 9) it indicates a body susceptible to disease.
4. If Lords of Kendra and trikonas aspect their own houses, whether benefice or malefic, it indicates gain of strength by Kendra. It is good for sound health.
5. The benefices in Kendra’s help to beat the disease.
6. The cold planets Saturn, Moon and Rahu are found to be skilled for causing asthma than the opposite planets. Their weakness and strength must be weighed minutely before predicting the disease of asthma.

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