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How Kendra does affects human life? Is it important to know?

According to Vedas, Godhead operates through main three gods. God creates, sustains and annihilate as per the command of one God who is omnipresent and omnipotent. God means supreme power that generate, operate, destroy, and keep the planet going (GOD).

What is mars defect & how does it effects life?

In birth chart mars ,also referred to as mangal, if placed in 1st,2nd,4th,7th,8th,or 12th, houses, it’s said to cause manglik dosh.

What is the importance of sun’s position within the natal chart?

Sun is that the source of sunshine and life. Its temperament is fixed and steady. It rules fire element, hot or pungent flavours. Sun may be a male planet. It is hot, dry, and constructive. It gives a strong speech. It makes an individual courageous. It bestows administrative capabilities. The Sun represents the top, soul, ego, self, intelligence, will power, clarity, health, self-realization, digestive organ, etc. It represents the proper eye for males and therefore the left eye within the case of females.

How planet sun’s position affects the various segment of human life?

The Sun stays in Rashi for less than one month. It gives benefice leads to 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th from the moon. When it is in Janam Rashi, the native may quarrel together with his wife and should even suffer an attack. The Sun within the second house from the moon would make the native quarrelsome. He may devour enmity with many. There will be no peace of mind. When within the fifth house from the moon, it might be the worst period of life.

When within the seventh house from the moon, the native could also be forced to go away his house. He can also suffer punishment. He also will face digestive troubles, skin diseases, etc. there will even be a delay in marriage. When the Sun is within the eighth and ninth house from the moon, the native would develop enmity together with his father and other elders. There could also be an accident. He also will quarrel together with his wife. Some near relatives can also pass on. Sun gives bad results when it is within the 12th house from the moon. He indulges in unethical behaviour. He will incur unwanted expenditure. The daddy of natives may suffer bad health during this era.

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