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Infertility- how to predict?

In fact, infertility may be a pre-carious disorder of the hormones on the genital system. Science of astrology is competent enough to research and tell beforehand from the study of a specific horoscope about the likelihood of the existence of disorder of hormones or defect within the genital system.
Our forefather, from their long experience, have evolved an establishment of marriage for the continuance of humankind. A blissful marriage creates opportunities for one’s material and spiritual growth. The happiness in married life depends upon variety of things. It depends upon healthiness of the couple, upon mutual trust, their marital compatibility, and their mutual affection and in particular upon the birth of youngsters. When the connection of the couple is peaceful and successful, the wedding becomes a bliss. It turns a bane, at a physical and mental level, if a relationship is inharmonious.
Children are an excellent source of joy for the couple. It is truncated without children. Childlessness is taken into account an excellent misfortune for the marriage and for his or her parents. Progeny strengthens the marital hands. Therefore, couples aspire for progeny and strongly feel that without offspring their life is not complete. Infertility thus may be a great barrier within the process of prolonging the chain of family.
Childlessness may result from either a physical or biological defect or an aberration that needs medical timely advice and remedy or variety of other causes that a proficient astrologer can identify well beforehand.
The birth of youngsters depends upon a robust / well-placed/ unaffiliated lord of the fifth house, Jupiter and therefore the lord of the second house. Thus, fifth house during a horoscope and Jupiter as Santana Karak is liable for and manages matters associated with progeny.
The fifth house also represents the past good deeds of the person. Therefore, if one wants to possess good children and derive happiness from them, then one’s deeds of his past life should be excellent.
In short, the subsequent factors could also be taken under consideration while handling matters concerning children.
Fifth house, its lord and occupants from ascendant.
ii. 5th house from the moon, its lord and occupants.
iii. Position of Jupiter signification of issues.
iv. 5th house from Jupiter and its occupants.
v. 9th house from the ascendant its lord and occupants for female charts.
Any connection of fifth house to an Agni Tatwa Rassi is not very conducive for the reproductive process.
Astrology deals intimately about causes of curses that end in childlessness and suggest remedial measures for overcoming them.

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