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What Is An Interpersonal And Outer Planet?

The Outer Planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, represent the collective drives of all folks, and within our own natal charts, represent what some call a fate because it is a neighbourhood during which we, as individuals, have little control. We may control our response to the psychic drives of those planets, but usually, when these planets are active by transit, something occurs within us and/or to us.
As the Transit Cycle described above, each of those planets makes scheduled stops in your natal chart. Jupiter, for instance, returns to its own place every twelve years, and Uranus opposes its own place at around age 42, creating upheaval. Examining these cycles reveals past patterns and provides a preview to future themes in your life.

What Is A Transit Cycle?

Imagine the system. Each of the planets revolves round the sun and moves through all the signs within the Zodiac in synchronized time cycles. The Moon, for instance , takes approximately 28 days to travel through all 12 signs of the Zodiac, but Uranus takes 84 years!
As the slower planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto–traverse the Zodiac, each makes aspects to themselves. Most of the people have heard of the infamous Saturn Return, which occurs approximately every 28 years. In other words, if you are born when Saturn was within the sign of Capricorn, in approximately 28 years, Saturn will “return” to the identical location during which it is placed in your natal chart. However, approximately every seven years, transiting Saturn will aspect your natal Saturn during a sequence called the waxing square, the opposition, the waning square, then the return, or conjunction. We call these rhythmic contacts Transit Cycles, and once they are examined, a pattern emerges which will reveal the themes of how this cycle is unwinding in your life.

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