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What is the mixture of vaastu and astrology? How it affects to enhance one’s life?

In brief, astrology as we all know gives us a thought about what and how the approaching period in life goes to be. This is often also referred to as predictions. These predictions are purely formed on the idea of permutation and combination of the stars, as they are aligned in anyone’s chart (also referred to as horoscope). To reach to a conclusion about any aspect of life to what is going to happen in future, an astrologer, takes under consideration number of things within the horoscope, i.e. star signs, constellations, sub constellations Rashi, the position of 12 houses their lords, conjunctions, aspects at the time of birth also as at the time of the prediction. Destiny is supreme. Nobody can change destiny and as an astrologer, I too believe an equivalent manner.

Having said so an issue arises, that if destiny is supreme, whatever has to happen, happens, then why to understand and how can anything change or alter it. It is true that it cannot change the destiny but it certainly has the facility to enhance the trail of destiny then we are saying, Astrology indicates destiny and Vastu improves it. To explain the above statement, I might wish to quote an example, in order that our readers can have a far better idea about what I would like to convey.

Let us suppose that during a horoscope an individual has a mixture and Dasha of monetary achievements and success. At an equivalent time, he is living during a house that features a Vaastu defect within the North/North/ East of his dwelling unit, which is taken into account the corner of wealth. Now during this case, this person will have employment or if he is in business his business are going to be good, during this Dasha period (As destiny is supreme and Horoscope indicates destiny) But he are going to be tense and are going to be considering himself to be struggling thanks to the defect within the Vaastu of his house within the NNE sector.

In my practice of the last 15 years. I even have encounter many such cases in several parts of the planet. Therefore, the moment this defect of Vaastu was diagnosed and corrected (with simple remedial measures) everyone saw a Positive jump in his or her career. (Vaastu improves destiny) Therefore, we will conclude that astrology indicates destiny, vaastu improves it. Moreover, this is often how my consultations being a mixture of both astrology and Vaastu benefits an individual.

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