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Palmistry is associate degree ancient follow that has roots in Asian culture and has been follow in Republic of India since thousands of years to predict the long run and perceive the past. The involves predicting a person’s future supported decoding the lines in one’s palms coining the term fortune telling. For this totally different feature of a person’s hands area unit studies like the palm line, mounts, nails, ring on the palms, thumbs etc. it’s that fortune telling has migrated from Republic of India to different countries like Hellenic Republic, Egypt, Persia, and Syrian Arab Republic in past. Samudra, supernatural being within the seas has initial given this data to the globe therefore this can be known as Samudrika. Sagas like Narada, Balmiki, Garga, Bhrigu, Prahlad, and astrologers like Brahamihira have done a great deal of labour in fortune telling.

Best Palm Reader in Bangalore


Palmistry may be a branch of occult science, that deals with the great study of the palm-prints to induce the thought of future happenings in life. fortune telling is another proof that champions that everyone encompasses a totally different life, because of we tend to all have totally different palm life prints.

Several stalwarts within the field of science have worked with success and area unit honourable globally. Besides ascending and drizzling lines on the palm, form of the fingers, nails, colour and texture of the heal the palm are thought of because the vital factors for the judgment.

Our Astrologer though many people practice as astrologers, not everybody is the simplest. this can be because of to be a true astrologist needs dedication and constant effort in understanding the knowledge our ancestors and a powerful belief within the power of astrology.

Our Astrologer has been recognized for his nice information and experience and is considered the simplest astrologist in Republic of India. He has combined years of expertise and dedication. he’s fully dedicated to mistreatment his information to assist others win their goals or solutions to problems. So, if you’re facing any hardships in life or would like answers to your queries, he’s forever able to assist you along with his information and steerage.

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