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Kundali in Kannada

Kundali in Kannada

Kundli is foundation of astrology. Technically speaking, kundli in Kannada is just a pictorial representation of the heavenly bodies like planets and stars in the sky at a date and time. When this date and time is of somebody’s birth, it is called Janam Kundali or Birth Chart. When this date and time is of asking a question, it is called Prashna Kundli or Horary Chart. With the help of your kundli, you will know the positions of planets like Sun and Moon in various rashi and nakshatra.

Kundali in Kannada

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Janam Kundali in Kannada

Get everything related to astrology in Kannada here. janam kundali in kannada throw light on your professional, personal, financial, and health life. With availability of Kannada astrology, enjoy an easy and comfortable life. The services that are available in Kannada astrology are: personalized horoscope 2020, Kannada horoscope 2020, and Kannada daily horoscope. You can now easily plan your entire year and moreover it you can also plan each day. janam kundali in kannada will guide you about the do’s and don’ts of every minute; thereby, predicting every second of your life. Our janam kundali in kannada is based astrological parameters and hence, offers genuine predictions.Best Astrologer in Bangalore

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