Spacial Pujas

Spacial Pujas

Ganesh Puja

It is an excellent puja for people who are underneath debt (loans).
Obstacles associated with property and land matters are quickly removed.

Lakshmi Puja

Lakshmi Puja is devoted on Diwali. it’s thought of as an enormous and extremely auspicious pageant for Hindus. On Diwali puja, everybody can purchase new Pratima of god Lakshmi.

Durga Puja

Navratri is that the most rattling puja within the Hindu tradition dedicated to attend Mother immortal.

Sri Krishna Puja

Lord Sri Krishna is one among the foremost illustrious divine beings in Hinduism with quality crossing overseas nations.

Hanuman Puja

Lord Hanuman puja holds special significance for the devotees because it strengthens the physical and mental development of the devotees.

Vaastu Puja

Vastu Puja is that the scientific study of directions, that aims at making equilibrium by levelling the various parts of nature and victimisation them for the good thing about humans.

Navagraha Puja

Nava Grahas area unit the core of religious text star divination of the Hindus. The Sun is that the ruler of all planets and the Jupiter is that the biggest planet of our system.

Shani Shanthi Puja

Saturn is considered because the most horrific planet out of all. Shani Puja is usually recommended to please planet Saturn.

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