Srirangapatna Pinda Pradanam

Srirangapatna Pinda Pradanam

This is the Hindu belief that after the death, soul of human being remains in this idealism world. Just because of due to death someone cannot detach himself / herself from this world. The pull of Love, kindness, affection for his / her family and friends, relatives etc. and the relationship for the idealism world prevent him to go for the extreme and ultimate departure. As a result, being a without body gets pain. He wants to do many things but cannot. They cannot or even do not want to make themselves free from this idealism world. ‘ Srirangapatna Pinda Pradanam ‘ according to Hindu Belief Gives them an ultimate relief and paves the way for their departure to the ultimate world of Peace. Srirangapatna Pinda Pradanam is a mandatory rite believed to bring salvation to the departed souls. An obligation of all Devout Hindus.

It is said that all obstacles in life are smoothened once you perform Srirangapatna Pinda Pradanam ritual for your parents or ancestors. There are sudden and quick positive changes noticed in life. According to our clients they have observed improvement.

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Asthi Visarjan In Srirangapatna

Asthi visarjan in Srirangapatna is a very important religious ritual in the Hindu religion. Asthi means the left-over bones and some ashes of a dead person collected after conducting the last rites. Asthi visarjan in Srirangapatna should always be performed in a prescribed manner. The soul feels hurt if the Asthi visarjan in Srirangapatna or Shradha is not performed as specified in the holy epics. The Shradha is performed by Dehagni Sanskar (Cremations) and finally by Asthi visarjan in Srirangapatna or Asthi Pravah and Pitru Visarjan. Dehagni Sanskar is performed at the very same day but a delay takes place in Asthi Pravah and Pitru Visarjan by most of the people.

This is performed after funeral ceremony. This Asthi visarjan process includes recollecting ashes and bones into any potteries or mantle box. Then this collected material is flown into river following the rules which have clearly stated in literature such as Vedas. This process of Asthi visarjan in Srirangapatna is done within months or years. Asthi visarjan in Srirangapatna is an ancient tradition.

We can arrange the Asthi visarjan in Srirangapatna without any hassles. Srirangapatna situated on the banks of river is the best place for Asthi Visarjan in Srirangapatna.

According to the Vedas, immersing the remains of the body in Ganges is the most auspicious thing you can do. Asthi Visarjan in Srirangapatna has great importance in the Hindu Mythology.

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Immersion Of Ashes In Srirangapatna

After the last rites are conducted the remains of the dead person are collected, these are mostly tied in a piece of cloth. In the end, the immersion of ashes in Srirangapatna will flow in quiet water like a river.

Immersion of ashes in Srirangapatna is a complex and very important obligation to perform in Hindu death rituals. Most of the people are clueless about the real Asthi visarjan rituals until they themselves experience the ritual. So, asthi visarjan packages are going to be a boon for those arriving Varanasi for asthi visarjan or immersion of ashes in Srirangapatna for their loved ones.

Srirangapatna is the holiest place of Hinduism where Lord is believed to reside. It is also the place where holy River enters into the plains. From ancient times it is been the best place where immersion of ashes in Srirangapatna. many legends of Hinduism tell the significance of Srirangapatna as the holiest place to get liberation.

Immersion of ashes in Srirangapatna is an easy and simple method of attaining salvation for people who die outside Kashi or even India. This service is for those people who want that cremated remains of their grandparent or any departed family member should immersion of ashes in Srirangapatna.

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